2019 Requiro Feature in the Washington Post on Classical Competitions

“The recital amounted to an exciting catalog of Requiro's musical gifts. Chief among these is the beauty of his string tone, a light-footed but resonant sound that seems to leap from the instrument. The broad, fervent melodies of the first movement emerged dark but swift, without any fat on them, and the finale was brisk and brilliant. To witness Requiro, with his baby face and fearless technique, tugging merrily at Papa Brahms' big beard was a rare treat.”

-The San Francisco Chronicle

“David Requiro played Kabalevsky's Second Cello Concerto, bringing out its wit and dynamism”

-The Washington Post


“Requiro's burnished sound and spellbinding phrasing of one of the most gorgeous melodies the composer [Brahms] ever wrote inevitably took center stage… Requiro triumphed every time.”

-The Seattle Times


“While able to summon dramatic resources when needed, his strength would appear to be an elegant lyricism. The middle Adagio movement became a showcase of tender pathos in which Requiro masterfully probed the rich fecundity of Dvorak’s melodic imagination.”

- The Albuquerque Journal


“Requiro effortlessly tossed off the technical challenges of this showpiece…his ideas were thoughtfully inflected, with a playful sense of rubato, and he spun out phrases seamlessly, with an unflagging sense of purpose.  He plays with a warm and full but unforced sound, and as a performer he carries himself with a disarming sense of assurance and ease.”

- San Francisco Classical Voice


“Most musical performers play upon an instrument.  But, there are some rare ones who merge into a symbiotic relationship with their instruments that make us think of them as one. And, that is Requiro.  Look for him to be a musical leader of the future.”

- The Oakland Tribune


"Cellist David Requiro exceeded all expectations. He performed the all too-rarely heard Cello Concerto of Gerald Finzi with total conviction. Every note was imbued with the kind of purpose and emotion one rarely hears from soloists of any age. From brilliant passage work to the poignant slow movement, this was a performance you wouldn't soon forget. Requiro has everything — musicianship, poise, dazzling technique, and even that great indefinable, star quality."

- Michael Morgan, conductor and critic - San Francisco Classical Voice


“Cellist David Requiro lit into the music with a real flair for its colors”

- The Aspen Times

"Requiro was a vigilant performer...his caramel tone and command of vibrato brought the audience to its feed mid-concert.  Requiro concocted a nearly irresistible incitement to jump up and dnace."

The Naples News